Virtual Employer Branding

About Thales

From the bottom of the oceans to the depth of space and cyberspace, Thales helps their customers think smarter and act faster – mastering ever greater complexity and every decisive moment along the way. Thales is a fast growing organisation with over 80.000 employees worldwide. They’re constantly searching for people with a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures.

Why A Virtual Tour

To give these people a good impression of their company located in Hengelo (Netherlands), they have asked us to create a Virtual Tour. A Virtual Tour that says more than just the location. Not just the What, but mainly the Why.

How the Virtual Tour starts

Starting with a stabilized drone shot with motion tracking to fly over to the building. It shows the surroundings of the location and how large the buildings are. With motion tracking the buildings got name tagged. And within the 360Video it is already possible to click directly on the buildings.

What is there more to explore

Once inside the Main Building (Central Hall), Sigrid will introduce herself and tell the viewer more about Thales. She invites you to walk virtually around the building. Clicking one of the arrows (or using the quick nav on the bottom), you’ll view another location. Such as the Starbucks that is only for Thales employees. The viewer can order a virtual cup of coffee and get a sense of how it feels like to work inside Thales when taking a break.

Guiding the viewer through the different locations of the Virtual Tour, there are hotspot indicators to View All Jobs. These are referring to the job page of Thales for the location Hengelo, which is dynamically updated from Thales. As well as these clicks are being measured in analytics to view the results of the Virtual Tour.


Thales Virtual Employer Branding Tour


Thales Nederland B.V.

What We Did

360Video, Scripting, Drone, Motion Tracking, Stabilization, Color Corrections, Subtitles, Analytic Tracking, Location Introduction Titles, Video Screen hotspots, Dynamic hotspot content, Responsive Design, Music, landscape & portrait Advertising Videos

Advertisement of the Virtual Tour

As the Virtual Tour got created and hosted on high end in-house servers from Thales, it also needed to be advertised on social media. For that we created two versions of an advertising video. One that is landscape and one that is in portrait mode. As social media starts to boost vertical videos more and more.

Vertical Video

Advertising Video Landscape

Thales Virtual Tour