Experience Autism in Virtual Reality (Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD)

It is extremely difficult when people without autism don’t understand you what it means to have autism. You can explain it to people, but now you can also let other people experience autism in Virtual Reality. With the VR Autism app you can let someone else experience autism in VR.


  • The immersive aspect of VR makes sure that you really get the feeling of being the person having autism.
  • In between moments, the story freezes to explain what is going to happen. This way you pay more attention to the details
  • Thoughts and what is being said by the person are both presented.
  • Visual overstimulation is being displayed.
  • Auditory overstimulation is being displayed
  • Also an example of the strengths of people with autism.

The app is only dutch spoken.

For whom?

  • People with ASD who want to show their family, friends, acquaintances, work relations or classmates what it is like to have ASD.
  • Healthcare professionals who offer help to people with ASD.
  • Schools
  • Employers

This app has been developed in collaboration with Fallon Elkerbout (Applied Psychologist). This has been developed for her bachelor thesis. Curious about the research? Click here.

Despite the costs we have decided to publish the app for free. We believe it is important that there is more understanding for people within the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Click on the button below to download the Autism VR app.

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