3D Model VR Converter

You have your 3D models and you love to show your clients how good your design is going to look in real life. But on paper it’s still hard to visualize how it actually is going to look. Now you can convert your 3D model into an interactive VR experience.


Be There Before It’s Being Built

Validate your designs and identify problems before it’s being built.

Get A Feeling Of The Spaces

Experiencing the design from a human perspective increases the engagement and trust of the client.

Teleport To Different Corners

The Virtual Reality experience is interactive. That means you can teleport to any corner of your 3D model.

Boost Your Sales

Communicate your designs effectively to your client and close deals faster.


Send your 3D file

Export your 3D model to OBJ and send the OBJ file with the texture folder.

Magic happens

Sit back and relax. We deliver within 7 days.

Visualize In VR & Boost Your Sales

Show your clients the interactive VR experience and sell your designs faster.

Quickly, comfortable & interactive

Watch in 360° without VR glasses

360° Videos can be watched on all devices. While traveling on your smartphone. When working on your laptop or desktop. Or coming home flopping on your couch, watching it on your tablet. 24/7 Access!

Immerse yourself in a different world

Experience it in Virtual Reality

The same 360° video can be used to watch in Virtual Reality. Load the 360° video on your smartphone, put your smartphone inside the VR glasses and experience how it is to live inside another world. The VR visualization is compatible with any VR platform: Google Cardboard Android, iOs, Oculus, Playstation, HTC, Daydream. Simply open the link and click the VR-button.

Super affordable pricing

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