Ronald (24) drives on unicycle from Almelo to Berlin

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Ronald (24) drives on unicycle from Almelo to Berlin

Driving a few meters on a unicycle is already a challenge for many people. Imagine hundreds of miles. Ronald van der Weijden does not mind too much about this.He is currently riding a unicycle from his hometown Almelo to Berlin.

Ronald earns his money as a digital nomad. While traveling he makes 360 ° tours of hotels. He spent the last four months in Barcelona, ​​but then he wanted more.

40 km/h on an unicycle

He came up with the idea for the trip after a visit to a store with unicycles. Where he drove for years for fun on a unicycle that goes 15 kilometers per hour, he discovered electric models in the store that go as fast as 40 kilometers per hour. With his passion for filming, traveling and his unicycle, he got the idea to drive to Berlin on the unicycle.

800 euro budget

Almost without money. With 800 euros he hopes to be able to pay for his trip and accommodation.

“In the first week I spent 133 euros. I hope to be paid for my 360 content with hotel overnight stays, but then I still have to practice with my sales pitch.”

Sleep on a towel

Through his mobile he searches people and places where he can stay asleep. It has not happened yet that Ronald had to sleep in the ‘middle of nowhere’.

Even though he would like to try that. “It sounds like a real doom scenario, but I think it can be quite easy: I would just look for a covered spot, then I would take my towel to lie down and then I would be nice and dry.”

Ronald’s equipment

Within a few days in Berlin

Within a few days he expects to arrive in Berlin. He still doesn’t know yet if this will be his final destination. “I would also like to travel further to Poland or perhaps to the Czech Republic.”

Curious about what Ronald will do next? On his Facebook page he shares his stories and you see how he continues his journey.

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