On an electric unicycle to Berlin: ‘I wanted more adventure in my life’

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On an electric unicycle to Berlin: ‘I wanted more adventure in my life’

Ronald van der Weijden, former student of Creative Media and Game Technologies, has a big dream: becoming a digital nomad. He is currently traveling on an electric unicycle to Berlin. Here he tries to arrange accommodation in exchange for 360 ° tours. “It may be that I sometimes have to sleep in the middle of nowhere.”

Ronald’s yearning for more tension in his life brought him to Barcelona a few months ago. “I was on a road trip through Andorra. At one point I stayed in a co-living for digital nomads. There we made a deal with the owners: if we were allowed to stay for a month for free, we made a 360 ° tour for them. When that worked out, I realized that this should also be possible elsewhere. ”

At the same time Ronald discovered that there were electric unicycles who could travel great distances. “There were a few others who did it, so I thought if they could do it, too.” His plans to make 360 ​​° videos in another city remained. Eventually the choice fell for his next trip to Berlin. With eight hundred euros for necessary expenses in his pocket and a backpack for only the much needed, he got on his unicycle. “With this trip I could combine all my ideas. It is a big city and can be traveled with the unicycle. Of course normal people go by car or maybe the bike, that makes traveling with an unusual means of transport just so fun. ”

Crazy Dutch guy on a unicycle

Currently, the adventurer travels from Hannover to Wolfsburg. “I did submit my deal to a hostel yesterday, but they were not that enthusiastic yet. That is mainly because I do not sell it that well myself. I can think of good concepts and have a smooth chat, but I find that business side more difficult. People do not yet see the value of such a 360 ° tour. I must name that. That is why I find it exciting to go to Wolfsburg. It is difficult to arrange an overnight stay here, so it may just be that I have to sleep in the middle of nowhere. “In Berlin Ronald is actively approaching hostels and hotels, but on the way he sleeps with strangers on the couch. “You can arrange this via an app. The people I sleep with love it. They leave references as ‘Crazy Dutch guy on a unicycle’. But also when I go and get coffee somewhere, everyone looks at me like ‘who is that guy’. Passers-by find my trip interesting. ”

Destination unknown

Ronald has to drive another three hundred kilometers before he is in Berlin. How his journey will look further, he does not know yet. “I want to see how long I can keep exchanging 360 ° tours for overnight stays. That is actually my only goal. Hopefully, this way I can travel around Europe for a year. I deliberately did not make a plan. The fun things and possibilities come naturally on your path. Once I am in Berlin, I think of something new. ”

Do you want to follow Ronald during his special trip? Which you can! He posts a video every day on his Facebook page 360nomadlife.


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